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Category List: Winterizing

Winterizing your swimming pool for those cold winter months is both neccessary and important. Let us help you close your pool conveniently, easily, and effectively with one of our many winterizing accessories. Whether you need a winter cover, closing pool chemicals, weights, or equipment protection, we've got everything you need to keep your pool and it's equipment safe during the winter. Let us help you keep your pool top notch with our Winterizing pool supplies.

Complete List of Winterizing Products for your Pool

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We know from decades of experience that properly winterizing your swimming pool will extend the life of all your equipment and protect your investment. Use the best pool winterizing supplies and equipment to close a pool properly. You do not want to skimp and buy the cheapest equipment you can find or try to cut corners. Cheap winter closing accessories will just not do the job as well or as long. None of our pool winterization accessories cost very much, especially when you consider the value of the pool and equipment you need to protect against the harsh winter elements.

To start the pool closing process correctly, do not ever lower your water anymore! This is an antiquated practice. We have not lowered water to winterize a swimming pool for over eighteen years! The following is some of the main reasons why. The winter cover will fit better having enough slack in the material not to overstretch, tear and damage the pool cover. You can close and open the pool faster because you do not have to pump the water down and refill it in the spring. Conserve our natural resource and don't waste the water, especially if you have to pay a lot to replace it in the spring. Allowing a pool liner to be exposed to the air after being wet all season causes the top of the liner to shrink and dry out, shortening the pool liner life.

We use Skimmer guards, also called a pool Gizmo, which are designed to absorb ice expansion to protect the pool skimmer from cracking when the top of the pool water freezes. Optionally, you can also use an Aquador skimmer protector that blocks the pool water from entering the skimmer. Blow out any underground plumbing lines and use pool antifreeze to ensure that they are properly protected against damage from freezing. Properly secure your pool cover according to the type of cover you are using. If you are using a solid pool cover that requires pool water bags, aka pool water tubes, use only quality heavy gauge double chamber pool water bags so they do not roll off the deck into the pool like single chamber pool water tubes can. Pool water bags will they will last for years, if you do not overfill them.

If you have an above ground pool and are using a solid winter cover, use cover clips or winter cover seal to help prevent the wind from getting under the cover's edge. The winter cover's cable and winch works good to secure the cover onto the pool, but you may need additional wind protection to prevent cover damage. Winter cover clips do not cost much and it is better to be prepared and use them instead of finding out later that it would have been a good idea to have them.

If you are using a solid winter pool cover, keep the water accumulation on top of the cover pumped down to less than 6 inches while the cover is installed. If not, the water underneath the cover could be slowly displaced out the top of the pool skimmer, allowing the winter cover to stretch into the pool causing damage to the cover and wasting water. This type of cover damage is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

Remove and store the pool pump. If you can not remove it, fill the pump strainer with swimming pool antifreeze. Remove your filter pressure gauge, filter drain plug/cap and leave it off all winter.

Close a clean pool - Open a clean pool. This is what can happen if you use good winterization pool chemicals and make sure that your pool water balance is correct before you close. There are times throughout the winter months that the ice and snow will thaw and you will have an opportunity to pump off the water from on top of the pool cover. If you do not already own a submersible cover pump, we recommend that you get one. A submersible pump is relatively inexpensive and can be used for other purposes other than just pumping water off the pool cover, should ever a need arise.