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Category List: Winter Covers

Arctic Armor covers are woven strong/long-lasting polyethylene tapes to produce a cover that will hold up to winters worst.

Arctic Armor covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow!


In-Ground & Above Ground Winter Covers and Accessories

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Winter Pool Covers for Aboveground and Inground Swimming Pools

A Winter Cover is a woven mesh or solid vinyl cover that you pull over your swimming pool for the off-season, or any period of extended inactivity. A Pool Cover will help keep dirt and debris out of your swimming pool while it's covered, and will also help inhibit algae growth by inhibiting sunlight from reaching the pool water. An aboveground winter cover is secured around the pool with a cable & winch (plus cover clips and/or Cover Seal in areas with harsh winter weather). Inground winter covers are secured either with Water Tubes or Aqua Blocks. A winter cover is not designed to support the weight of people or animals who may venture out onto the pool while it's covered so it's important to restrict access to the pool during the off-season, for protection and peace of mind.

What's the Difference Between Mesh & Solid Winter Covers?

Mesh Winter Covers

A mesh Winter Pool Cover is simply a porous Cover that lays on the water's surface and allows rain & snowmelt to penetrate through the Cover material into your pool water, while leaves and other debris are kept out. With no standing water on your Cover, debris dries out and simply blows away! In the spring, just remove the Cover & vacuum the silt from your pool. No standing water on the top of your Cover means no breeding ground for potentially hazardous mosquitoes, too*. Mesh Covers are ideal for areas with heavy snow - some even have a reflective coating that speeds up the melting process, reducing pressure on your pool walls. They're also a money-saver for regions where water is allocated or costly - you can use Nature's water to fill your pool! Mesh covers are generally lighter and easier to handle than Covers made from solid vinyl material. This means you'll have an easier time getting the Cover on and off your pool, Mesh material is also generally less expensive than solid material.

Solid Winter Covers

A Solid Winter Pool Cover is a non-porous Cover that's placed on the water's surface and prevents rainwater, snowmelt, leaves, debris and other material from getting into the pool water while your pool is closed for the season. Sold Winter Covers do a great job at keeping your pool water clean and clear all winter long, and help keep your wall clean and stain-free. They also block sunlight from your pool - which means no algae growth in the spring! With a Solid Pool Cover, water is kept off the top of the Cover during the winter months through the use of a Cover Pump. Solid Pool Covers are typically heavier & a bit more difficult to handle than Mesh, but spring pool openings can be significantly easier.


* In order to reduce mosquitoes and other infectious insects, we recommend you remove your Winter Cover in early spring.