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  • Vision Anti-Fog Goggles

    Comes in Clear/Green, Blue/Silver, Smoke/Smoke, Smoke/Blue, Purple/Clear, Amber/Smoke

    Price: $13.25



    Metallic Vision Anti-Fog Goggles

    Comes in Violet, Pink, Sky Blue, Lime

    Price: $17.95



    Racer Goggles

    Comes in clear, blue, smoke or teal

    Price: $8.50



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Swimming pool toys and swimming pool games can make or break your pool experience. Not that we do not sometimes like to use our pool explicitly for swimming purposes, but the fun and entertainment provided by pool toys and pool games is pretty hard to rival. You might even think that swimming pool games are just for kids, but that is just not true.

Sure, swimming pool toys are beloved by children, but adults can have a lot of fun with them too. Imagine playing a few games of ping-pong with your floating ping-pong game or a rousing head to head game of swimming pool basketball and then try telling yourself you would not love it.

Many of these fun pool toys can be used in the pool or bathtub. Your kids will have hours of imaginative fun with these creative water toys. Inflatable rafts, pool rings, beach balls, dive rings, swim masks and fins are just some of the fun pool toys and games you'll find here.

Pool Mart has an impressive selection of swimming pool games and toys including everything from plastic playing cards to a jumbo beach ball.

Floating ping-pong game

Pool basketball games

Pool Volleyball games

Floating Beer Pong games

Water Disc Games

Dive games

Various floating toys

Plus, the games at Pool Mart will fit any budget. Whether you have got $10 or $200 to spend, you will find great swimming pool games and toys that will provide endless entertainment to your whole family. Some of these games are even ideal for the bathtub. We all know how hard it can be to keep kids in the tub, so why not get them a few games to keep them occupied.

At Pool Mart, we know that pools are great. It is hard to imagine that anybody would not love to have their own pool; but, once you have made the investment, you need to consider the pool accessories that will define your swimming experience.

All of our games at Pool Mart have three things in common: affordability, quality, and fun! If your backyard pool is starting to lose its excitement, nothing will revitalize it like a few swimming pool games or swimming pool toys. The kids will love them, without a doubt, but we suspect that the adults will be just jealous enough of their fun that they will want to get in on the action!