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Category List: Fire Pumps and Hose

Wildfires destroy hundreds of homes in the U.S. every year. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to anticipate a wildfire moving through your neighborhood and knowing that you have a swimming pool with 10,000 to 30,000 gallons sitting there with no way to use it to save your property?

Your pool is equivalent to 50 Fire Trucks full of water. Protect your home and valuables with the water stored in your backyard swimming pool. Your pool is like a fire truck always on the scene ready to protect your home from a wildfire or brushfire. You will no longer be dependent on the fire department arriving in time to save your property in the event of a fire. Due to the spread of wildfires and extremely dry conditions around the country, we are offering a complete Portable Fire Pump and Hose System that can be ready in a moments notice shipped right to your door. Our Floating Fire Pump System is also great choice that is perfect for Home Firefighting. Are you Fire Safe?

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Our Portable Fire Pump and Hose System is perfect for defending your home from a wildfire with the water from your backyard swimming pool. Our system features high quality components, while still being one of the most economical poolside fire pump systems on the market. It has been used by homeowners defending their homes from wildfires in California, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida. Pool Mart is your source for all your Home Wildfire Protection needs. We offer a variety of products that are compatible with our fire pumps, including Barricade Fire Gel and Class A National Foam designed to protect your home from the destruction of wildfires. For more info, please visit the manufacturers website www.jjsfiresupply.com If you are a government agency or local municipality, please call for large quantity discounts.